Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bishop at 15 months

Bishop is now 15 months.  I love this age.  He is mobile and his little personality shines through!  I remember thinking Britton was such a big boy at this age.  I still think of Bishop as my baby. :)

Here are his 15 month stats:
26.6 lbs (60th percentile)
35 inches (95th percentile)

Here's some things about Bishop at 15 months:

He is still wearing size 4 diapers.  We recently tried out the Target brand of diapers and they seem to be doing well.  They are less expensive than Pampers brand, but we still use Pampers Extra Protection for overnight.

He wears a size 5 shoe, probably not for long, though.  I must admit that I only realized he went from a size 4 to a 5 when the size 4 didn't look very comfortable on him.  I put some size 5 sandals on him and saw that he only has a little bit of growing room.  

He can wear 18 mo clothing and a few things in 12 mo (usually only in Gymboree).  However, as he mainly wears Britton's hand me downs, I don't know if he's going to make it through the summer with what he has now.  The 18 mo stuff I have from Britton is fall/winter clothing.  I would not be surprised to see the boys sharing clothes next summer.

He falls asleep on his own.  I feel like I love that quality about him a little too much. :)  But for real, you set him in the crib with his blanky and pacifier and the turns over and goes to sleep.  No whining, no crying.  He does wake up once in a blue moon but usually just needs to find his paci and needs a little "shh, shh" and he's back to bed.

His schedule is great!  He wakes up around 7:15 to 730, and eats breakfast with a sippy of milk.  We stopped the bottles about a month ago and he has done great!  I loathed washing our Dr Brown's bottles and am so glad we weaned him from the bottle earlier than Britton.  He is also pretty much transitioned to one nap a day.  Once in a rare while, he will want a morning nap, but usually I can keep him busy enough to stay up for lunch and then nap when Britton does at 1.  Bishop could probably go down a little earlier, but he seems to be doing okay with it. After naps, (Bishop wakes earlier than Britton does) we play outside or go do some errands.  I start dinner about 4 or 4:40 since we like to eat as a family at 6pm.  Lewis gets home around 530, sometimes closer to 6 and he watches the boys as I finish up.  After dinner, we hang out in the backyard until it's time to give Bishop a bath at 730.  Bishop can sometimes stay up until 8, but he is not too happy about it.  The boy likes his sleep!

Bishop can say "mama", "dada", "uh-oh", and he says something that sounds like "dayday?" but we have no idea what it means.  He understands what we say like "no", sit down", and "come here".  He shakes his head no when he doesn't want something.  And when he does want something he sees, he will definitely let you know. :)

He is an eating machine.  He eats more than Britton and loves all kinds of food.  His favorites are green beans, carrots, pancakes, cheese, any fresh fruit, bread, chicken..pretty much you set it in front of him, he will eat it.

He drinks milk at his meals and water throughout the day.

He has a total of 9 teeth for sure, but I think there are two more that I can't see.

He loves his blue blanky (I made 4 more and we rotate them since they get filthy) and his pacifier.  I'd love to wean him of the pacifier, but I'm not desperate yet.

Bishop LOVES dancing and bobs his head when music comes on.  He like to turn off the lights and will clap for himself and say "yay" when he does it.  He recently learned to go down the slide and he can climb up on things.  He actually draws scribbles with the chalk and plays with it more than he eats it.  He loves loves loves cars and even does the "vroom" sound when he pushes them.

He no longer cries at MDO drop off or pickup. I think it's been really good for him to play with other kids his age.  He also goes more willingly to others, but still does have some clinginess to me once in a while.

Overall, he is happy and healthy and loves life!  On one hand, I love seeing him grow up more and more...and on the other, I get a little sad because he is not a "baby" anymore. But I love him like crazy!

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Krystal Regueiro said...

What a great update. Bishop sounds like a dream baby, and Elena is so thankful to have her new blankie to sleep in. We're trying out the woombie this week, so let's hope this little houdini doesn't get out of it!