Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Britton prays...

Britton asked to lead the dinner prayer a few weeks ago and has been doing it pretty often since then.

The other night, the 4 of us were holding hands and Britton began to pray.  In the middle of his prayer, I hear, "Bishop!  Close your eyes!  We're praying!"

I thought it was hilarious and couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud.  Lewis told Britton is was okay for Bishop to have his eyes open because he was a baby.  Britton didn't seem too convinced but he finished his prayer.

He normally thanks Jesus for each of the 4 of us, his family, the food, and whatever or whoever else is on his mind at the time.  Just recently, he has been thankful for the "tv" and the "windows".

I love this kid!


april said...

such a cute kid! i cant wait to see him!

Krystal Regueiro said...

hahaha, what a thankful little boy and awesome prayers!