Wednesday, June 30, 2010

15 months

Britton is 15 months old.  His 15 month appointment was this morning and here are his stats:

He weighs 23 lbs and 8 ounces.  This puts him right below the 50th percentile for weight.

He is 32 inches tall.  This keeps him in the 90th percentile for height.

He has gained one pound and grown half an inch since his 12 month appointment.

Britton keeps me very busy.  He spent a over a week in Anson with my parents in June.  I know he had a great time. 

Let me tell ya, Britton has changed SO much in 3 measly months.

For example:

When we first got him his Cozy Coupe Car, he cried because his feet would drag when we pushed him.  Now?  He knows to hold them up and tries to "drive" by turning the steering wheel.

He LOVES being outside.  If you open the door, he automatically assumes we're going outside.  And he gets angry when he realizes we're staying inside.  If you say,the word OUTSIDE, he will run to the back door and bang on the glass.  It's so funny!

If you ask him to point to his nose, he can! Sometimes I think he is going to hurt himself with how hard he presses on his nose.  He can also identify his toes and ear.

If you give him a hairbrush, he pretends to brush his hair.

He loves to have his teeth brushed.  He thinks it's hilarious and laughs.

He pretends to talk on the phone.  We have a broken BlackBerry that we gave him and he knows to hold it up to his ear.  Sometimes he forgets what goes where and will hold the phone in his hand and put the other empty hand next to his ear.

He can wave Bye Bye very enthusiastically.

If you ask him for "nose kisses", he will touch your nose with his and rub them together.

He loves loves loves the Kids Music CD that my mom bought for him.  Especially the first song, "If You're Happy and You Know it".  He can be half asleep and when he hears the opening strains, he sits up real tall and opens his eyes wide and starts "talking".  It is so cute!  And then he starts clapping his hands.

He says what sounds like DAD.  ALL.THE,TIME.

If you ask him where the light is, he will look up and point.

He makes a horrid horrid face when he is angry.  It looks like a snarl and he bares his teeth.

He is a walking fool!  He is so good at it now.  He can walk while holding things in his hands.  And he loves loves loves to pull things behind him.  Most recently, he liked to pull my small roller suitcase behind him.

If he doesn't like something, he will shake his head NO.  And if he doesn't like what you are offering to him, he will push it away.

He will bring you something if you ask him for it.  He loves to be told "Thank You!" when you take it from him.

My mom bought him a tent and tunnel a few months ago but Britton was terrified to go into either one.  Now, he loves loves loves playing peekaboo in the tent and crawling through the tunnel.

He eats bugs.  YUCK.  Roly Poly's appear to be his favorite.  If you tell him no, he will quickly pop it into his mouth and turn away from you.  Lewis tried to get a roly poly out once, and instead pulled out two June Bugs.  NASTY.  I don't understand how this kid doesn't like spaghetti, but likes crunchy bugs.

He LOVES the pool.  But he doesn't like you to hold him. He wants to be let loose. 

Britton is so much fun!  But lately he has been really whiny.  He will grab at my clothes and try to climb my legs so I will pick him up.  At the gym nursery the other day, the attendant had to come interrupt my workout to come claim him because he wouldn't stop crying.  He wants me to constantly be in his sight.

As for his daily routine, we are really consistent with it and I really think it helps him know what to expect and keeps him happy.

He wakes for the day anywhere between 7:30 and 8:00am. 

I immediately feed him breakfast.  He likes pancakes, eggs with cheese, toast with butter, fruit, nutrigrain bars, yogurt, and he has a sippy cupi of milk with his breakfast.

After breakfast, I get him dressed for the day and we usually head out to the gym.  I work out and he stays in the nursery.  We run some errands on the way home.

Lunch is about 11:30am.  We eat with Lewis at the hospital around 2-3 days a week.  Otherwise, I make lunch at home. I try to make sure he has a protein, a veggie, and a fruit.  He drinks juice with his lunch.

 After lunch, he goes down for a nap at 12:15, with a bottle of milk.  He will nap for about 2 hours on average.  I love the afternoon nap.  I can get some things done around the house that I otherwise could not do or I can sit and relax.  It is so nice to know he WILL nap and at what time.

When he wakes up, we play outside or go to the pool.  If we have leftover errands from the morning, we will run those.

Lewis comes home a little after 5 and usually takes Britton outside with him so I can get dinner started.  I try to get us to eat dinner together, but usually Britton ends up eating first (6pm) and then either plays while Lewis and I eat, or we wait to eat after he goes to bed.  He eats what we eat maybe 25% of the time.  Otherise, I  feed him a meat, a veggie, a fruit, and some cheese.  Bread once in a while.

After dinner, he plays while the kitchen get cleaned.

Britton gets a bath at 7:15pm.  He went through a phase where he cried as soon as they water started running, but in the last week, there are no more tears.

After his bath, his teeth are brushed and we put on his pajamas.  We read "Goodnight Moon" (every.single.night.) and he lays his head on me while I let him turn the pages.

After the book, he gets a bottle of milk.

And then I put him in the crib and leave.  He falls asleep very quickly after I set him down.

And for the most part, I don't hear a peep from him until the morning.  I am so glad we did the sleep training back in April.  It sucked at first, and my heart ached for him, but is so awesome.  For us and for him.

So that's what's going on around here.

I plan on taking Britton to Philadelphia and New York City this month.  And then in August, we have a family reunion, a trip to Colorado, and a possible trip to Florida.  He will also start the Kingdom Kid's Mother's Day Out program in late August.

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