Thursday, July 15, 2010

Halfway through Summer

Whew.  It has been HOT! 

Britton is learning new things every day.  He now knows how to climb up on things.  It is scary!  He also has learned how to get down from tall places.  He turns backwards and goes feet first.  My mom practiced with him a lot.  He also learned to "jump".  His "jumping" consists of bending his knees and bending at the waist. He in NO way gets off the ground. It is so funny. 

Britton is also in LOVE with cars.  He loves to move them across any surface and say "vroom vroom"!

He babbles like a crazy man. My MIL says he can say DUCK, but I doubt it. 

Britton has also started whining ALL.THE.TIME.  It drives me crazy.  He also will grab my legs or clothes and try to climb up to my arms.

He can run. FAST.

He gives me kisses.  I love them!

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