Sunday, January 27, 2013

You'd think we were now the Jetsons

Over 20 years ago, Lewis bought this TV.  It's a 26in Zenith and it weighs a ton.  And up until today, it was the only TV in our house. Considering we don't watch very much TV, it did its intended job well.

But then our DVD player went out.  So we bought a Blu Ray DVD Player.  But I guess our TV is so old, it wasn't compatible.  So on a whim, I told Lewis I guessed we needed a new TV.  Much to my surprise, he agreed! He said if I'd do the research and find a good deal, then we'd buy one.

I called a mutual friend who is a tech guru and after asking what we wanted out of a TV and a roundabout budget, we'd decided to go with a Vizio 42in SMARTTV with 1080/120 specs.  But it was a busy week and we didn't get around to buying it.  So instead, I looked for a TV stand table. 

This is the stock photo of the stand I found.  I didn't want to spend a lot since I don't know how long we will keep this stand, and this pretty much fit the bill for price and aesthetics.

We finally went on Saturday late afternoon to buy the TV at Walmart, because I'd seen it was $20 cheaper. But once we got to the store, we also looked at the 46in Vizio version. And, well, we decided we wanted the bigger one. So we went to Sam's.  And the one we wanted was out of stock.  We were told they'd have more in on Sunday.  

Ok, fine.  So we go back home.  And I do some more research and price/brand comparisons.  And Best Buy is pretty comparable and has 24mo free financing.  We decide to go to Best Buy after church to see what's available.  Once we get there and look at the selection, we decide our research told us that even though Samsung is a bit more expensive, it got much better reviews than the Vizio.  So now we were looking at the Samsung TVs.  And well, the 50in just looked SO good. And so did the 55in.  They both met our requirements of 1080p/120h and were "smart tvs".  There was a $200 difference in the two but considering we'd be paying it over 2 years interest free, it's not that big of a deal.  The decision was made when only the 55in was in stock.  So that is what we went home with.  I never in my wildest dreams thought Lewis would go for a new TV, much less the one we got!  

Out friend came over later that afternoon and helped set it up.

It is INCREDBILE.  Of course, after what we had, we are easily impressed.  We watched a movie last night and at some points, the HD was so "real" it almost looked fake. And the boys are in awe of their cartoons.  I will be either getting Netflix or Amazon Prime for their streaming.  
Now I have a huge blank wall that needs some paint and some decorations.  I think this may just be the push we need to start "finishing" the house.

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