Friday, January 25, 2013

Put your hands up!

To prevent the boys from running into traffic, I tell them to "hold onto the car" when we are out and about.  I started this with Britton when Bishop was born.  I didn't want Britton running amok while I was trying to get Bishop situated.  I guess Bishop has heard to so much, he knows what to do when he gets out of the car. I noticed the other day it looked like they were little felons, so I had to take a picture of them.  They are very very good about keeping their hands on the car until I can hold their hands.

It's easiest when I can open Britton's door first, and let him in.  He then can buckle himself in his seat while I buckle in Bishop.  I am so proud of Britton for being able to buckle himself.  He knows the straps should not be twisted and the proper placement of the chest clip.  We don't loosed the straps so I know that they are the correct tightness.  But I still double check anyway before I get in the drivers seat.

He had been lollygagging about getting into his seat, so I've made it into race.  Like his Mami, he HATES to lose.  Lewis thinks I am creating a monster.  I think I'm teaching him he won't always be the best at something and that no one wins every time.

Speaking of carseats, Bishop is about to outgrow his Britax Boulevard 70 in rear facing mode by height.  I'm hoping he makes it to 2 years.  I "could" switch him forward at that point, but I'd rather keep him rearfacing until he is 3.  So if you or someone you know is in the market for a Britax Blvd that is just over a year old, let me know.  Because I want to buy  Diono (used to be Sunshine Kids).

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