Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Pool

Last year, I think we made it to the pool twice the whole summer.  And that was just me and Britton while Bishop was at my MIL's.  I've seen people at the pool with babies sleeping in pack n plays and strollers, but I wasn't about to be THAT mother.  For one, I think the child would overheat, even in the shade.  Two, I want my babies to sleep at home in cribs. Three, how could I properly watch my kid in the water when the other one WASN'T going to be in the water?  

I have been looking forward to this summer since last summer because I knew we'd have more freedom.  And even though it took Bishop a little bit to warm up to the idea of a large body of water, once he got comfortable with it, he wanted to OWN it.  Forget about holding Mami's hand, this kid wanted his independance.  Except of course, when he tripped and need to be yanked up. So I mainly follow him while keeping an eye on Britton who has learned to stay close to me. 

Lewis has gone with us once and it was so much easier having one parent per kid, but he told me that it's not very fun.  I had to laugh because no, it's not.  But my kids are having fun and that's why I go!

Britton absolutely loves it all!  He runs straight into the spouts in the splash pad area and loves to go down the slide.  He also like to wade in the shallow area, walking on his hands.

Next year?  It's going to be even more fun!

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april said...

cute pictures! they love the water!