Friday, June 29, 2012

Chuck E Cheese Celebration

We had promised Britton a trip to Chuck E Cheese for successful potty training.  We finally made good on that promise in late June, even though he's been successful at using the potty for a few weeks.  He had only been one other time, and that was in May in San Antonio.  He was super duper excited about going to CEC.   It was more fun than I anticipated and at one point, I don't know who was having more fun, Lewis or the kids!  As we left, Britton asked to go to the potty "so he could go back to CEC".  

Gotta eat dinner first before we get to play!

People have been telling me that Bishop is looking more and more like Britton.. I usually disagree, but he looks like Britton to me here!

Bishop was happy to just run around and screech!

Bishop wasn't scared like he was back in May

Big Boy!

They spent the longest at this game.  Lewis was really into it.  

Britton started singing the "Mr Sun" song because he thought the face looked like a sun.

Cheese smile from Britton.  I am SO proud of him!

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april said...

i cant believe how big bishop looks in all of these pictures!