Friday, July 06, 2012

Solar Screens

The front of our house faces the west.  In the summers, the heat is BRUTAL.  I literally had black out shades in all the rooms, and in Bishop's room, I had two thick blankets pinned up with tacks to keep the heat out even more. You could go up and touch the blankets mid-afternoon and they would feel so hot.

Since we got our plantation shutters a few months ago I don't want to cover up how beautiful they are.  I also don't want the sun to destroy the wood.

I'd heard about solar screens and a good friend of mine has them.  She is the only one in town here that I know.  I called the person she used, but they were not the best at returning calls and getting back to me in a timely manner.  After not getting back to me, and me having to call them back over and over, I decided to just not go with them.  But I still wanted the screens and summer was getting close.

You know that junk mail you get that has all the ads and stuff?  Well, I found out about another guy who does solar screens through that.  I called him and he came to the house later that day.  He didn't have to explain much since I'd already been "educated" by the previous guy and I liked what I heard.  He even gave me the option to do "grids" and I didn't even know you could do that.  I think the screens look better with the grids. He was great at doing what he said he'd do and he called and kept me in the loop.  We even got a discount for putting a sign in our yard. :)

Now that we've had them for a couple of months, I wish we had gotten them sooner.  The definitely keep the house cooler even though we keep the thermostat at a higher temp.  Another plus, is how dark the house gets, which if you know me, I love that because the boys nap better.  And for bedtime, their rooms are dark even though it's still bright outside.

I love our solar screens!

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