Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Potty Training

Britton is 100% totally potty trained. I sometimes can't even believe I can say that!

We started on May 28.

Here is how it went:

I had not been looking forward to this parenting task, but I knew it had to be done.  Diapers are expensive and Britton could not go to pre-school in the Fall if he was not potty trained.

The "three day" potty training method is what I chose to use.  I would rather get it done in one full swoop rather than dragging it out over weeks, maybe even months.

The gist of the method is:  Focus focus focus. My mom took Bishop for the week so I could focus 100% on Britton and he and I could both focus on potty training.   That morning, I collected the diapers and we went to the dumpster and I let him throw them away.  But being the frugal mother I am, I retrieved them during nap time.  No need to waste them since Bishop will use them! I gave Britton liquids constantly, and waited for him to have to "go".  Accidents were opportunities to learn.   I wasn't supposed to ask Britton if he needed to go.  I was to tell him, "Let mami know when you have to go pottyto empower him to know the feeling and be in control. I probably said that phrase at least every 2-3 minutes ALL DAY. You are also supposed to have him check frequently that his undies are dry and say "remember to keep your undies dry!".

He only asked one time for a diaper and I told him "remember we threw them in the trash?".  He responded with "go to the store and buy me some more!".  Crazy kid!  And at one point we walked into Bishop's room and he saw Bishop's diapers and he said to me "Mami!  There are diapers!".  But I had to remind him that they were for Bishop because Bishop was a baby.

By the end of the day, he knew when to "go" and would run to the potty.  He sometimes made it, sometimes didn't. But most importantly, he KNEW the signs and what to do. We would dance and sing and cheer!  And we'd call Meemaw and Daddy to let them know the big news! Not being able to leave the house was awful, but there's no way around it.  You have to be ready to rush to the potty when it's time!

We did not use Pull Ups because the mothod advised against it.  I washed a lot of sheets and clothes that first week.

How we prepared:  We bought undies (we call them "chonnes" in Spanish).  We bought soda, which he rarely gets to drink, but I wanted him to drink, drink, drink.  We bought salty snacks to make him thirsty.  We bought a stool to reach the potty.  And we used a potty seat on top of the big potty.  Oh, and toys and stickers from the Dollar store.

We had one success and four accidents on Day 1.  Two successes and two accidents on Day 2.  4 successes and no accidents on Day 3.  I was hopeful.  It was the third day.  No accidents, right?

Well, he hadn't pooped in 3 days and I knew we were due.  He was saving it for Lewis though.  :)

The first time he pooped in the toilet, we danced and cheered like crazy.  He even wanted to take a picture of it.  I obliged him.  As I was taking the picture, Britton said, "Say cheese, CACA!".  It was hilarious.

The following days he had accidents.  I felt like he was doing it on purpose.  Lewis took him to Lowe's one morning and he peed in the aisle.  Lewis was not a happy camper when they got home. Britton didn't seem to care.  No amount of candy or stickers or promises of toys persuaded him.  He KNEW the feeling of going, but just didn't want to go.

And then I don't know what clicked, but the Wednesday following the week we started this whole thing, he went accident free...and still has to this day. There were maybe 3 times he wet the bed at night, but he no longer wets.  I love this!  He did get told he wouldn't be able to go anywhere with Daddy, (like to the Ranch), so maybe that was incentive. I don't know, but I'm glad he decided to buckle down!   He has gone on 5 airplane segments and two 2+ hr car rides with no accidents as well!

My final thoughts on potty training:
Looking at it from this vantage point, I think it was easier than I anticipated.  But while in the throes of it?  I thought I would pull my hair out!  The method asks the parent to be positive during the process and I do think that is crucial  Praise the successes big!  And don't linger on the accidents.  Just try again next time! Poop may take awhile, but it'll happen.  Don't don't don't go back to diapers even if you are frustrated.  Don't do PullUps.  And remember that if all else fail, there are adult diapers. :)  

In closing, if anyone reading wants the PDF file of the ebook, let me know and I will email it to you.

We started with "sitting" for potty training, but he know stands to pee, and the kid has pretty good aim!


mindibz said...

Yay, Britton!

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way to go britton!

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It's early, but I would like a copy! Thanks!

Elisa B said...

I don't know who UNKNOWN is! Let me know and I'll send it!