Friday, June 22, 2012

Facebook Status Post

I am on Facebook.  I probably spend too much time there, but that is a post for another day.

I also think Facebooking is a little like blogging, except in snippets.

Here is one of my "status updates" from the past month.

You know it's a red flag, when your son tells you to "not go in the bathroom, Mami". Where's the first place I go? The bathroom. What do I find? He's shredded the dead grass/straw decoration thing in there.

And sometimes the comments are even better:

  • Friend #1 i thought you were going to tell a story about how the potty training was so successful that he not only went to the bathroom independently but was now warning you about the surprise he left in there.
    June 8 at 6:13pm via mobile ·  · 3
  • Elisa Franco Brown Lol. He does go by himself. And he has pulled the "I need to go potty!" but then doesn't want me to go with him because he is only saying it to get out of bed/get up from the table/ etc and doesn't want me to see that he is faking.
    June 8 at 6:15pm via mobile ·  · 4
  • Friend #1 smart kid ;)
    June 8 at 6:16pm via mobile · 
  • Friend #2 OH girl wait until he flushes 4 wash rags , a spoon and fork down the toilet.
    June 8 at 6:20pm ·  · 3
  • Friend #2 All at once.
    June 8 at 6:20pm ·  · 4
  • Elisa Franco Brown Lol thekla! You talking from experience? Britton has never really played with the toilet so I'm hoping I luck out with that!
    June 8 at 6:23pm via mobile ·  · 1
  • Friend #3Sorry but I la ughed:)
    June 8 at 6:27pm via mobile · 
  • Friend #4 You know, it could have been so much worse!!!
    June 8 at 7:14pm via mobile ·  · 2
  • Friend #1 it definitely could have been much worse...imagine seeing all the dead grass and straw clogging up the toilet :(
    June 8 at 7:45pm via mobile · 

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