Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bishop's 1st Birthday Party

We had Bishop's first birthday party at our house on his actual birthday.

We went the family route and it actually turned out to just be my parents, Lewis' parents and Jessi, one of our favorite babysitters, along with Lewis, Britton,and me.

Low key, laid back with pizza and salad, cupcakes and cookies.

Getting ready for his cake.

He wanted to touch the flame. By the way, we used the same "1" candle we did for Britton.

Britton was a big help in helping blow out the candle.

Bishop is very much the "I have to inspect and touch things before I put them in my mouth" type eater.  It took him a good 3-4 minutes before he'd even touch the cake. And even then, he was very cautious.  But he finally did dig in.

So proper using a fork!

Frosting is FUN!


This is really good!

Why haven't you given this to me before?

I really like cake.

Brown Family 2012

Britton was also very eager to help in opening presents.

Happy Birthday to mi corazon!

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april said...

happy birthday bishop!

great pictures!