Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bishop is ONE!

Happy Birthday to Bishop Aidan Brown!

At the pediatrician for his one year well check.  This kid is a beast!

1 year stats:
32.5 inches
24 lbs even
19.5 head circumference

He and Britton have only a 7 lb and 6 in difference. Their heads are only .25 in apart.

Bishop:  from 18 weeks in utero to 12 months.  The belly pic is two weeks before he was born.  In the swollen newborn pic, he is about 4-5 hrs old.  The rest were taken on each "month-day", in this case, on the 14th of each month.

He is in some size 12-18 mo clothes, the majority being 18-24 mo.  He has a LONG torso.  Bishop is wearing size 4 diapers and a 4/4.5 shoe.

He is still in a rear facing car seat.

New things he can do:  He can quickly get from a sitting/kneeling postion to a standing position all on his own.  He does not have to hold on to anything.  He can crawl very fast.  Bishop also just recently learned to "give 5", as in "gimme five".  He can also clap.  He definitely knows his name and is very strong willed and stubborn and has the makings of a bad temper.  His feelings seem to get hurt very easily. He is not walking, but it's going to be soon!  He says Mamamamamamama.  I do think he associates it with me. :)  He loves to watch Britton and tries to interact with him.

He is getting so big.  I love this age.  I do miss holding a newborn, but I don't miss all the other stuff that comes with it.  I especially love getting a full nights sleep! :)

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mindibz said...

Happy birthday, Bishop!