Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Day at the Ranch

This was Britton's 3rd time to the ranch.  He loooooves going with Lewis.  He comes home all excited about all the things he saw.  Tractors, turkeys, more tractors, guns, and he'll even show you how to shoot one. :)  I am looking forward to this fall when we can all go and sit around the firepit and sleepover in the newly built bunk house.  And then in several years, alone time while the boys hunt with Lewis. 

Lewis shot a turkey this past visit.  Here is Lewis' retelling of what Britton said:

Britton:  "Daddy, turkey's got an owie.".
Lewis:  "Yes, Britton.  He sure does.".

Britton fanning the turkey.

So brave in touching the turkey!

Paca (my dad), Britton, and Lewis

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april said...

woo hoo! good job britton!