Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Funday

The weather was great today.  Lewis had PRN this weekend, but the boys and I went to class and church this morning.  After lunch and naps, we headed outside.  

Here's a peek into our afternoon.

Karol bought this mini trampoline for Britton.  Lewis was dead set against a trampoline, but he relented with the small size of this one, and with how low to the ground it is.  I personally know someone who has it, and they rave about it for their child.  The reviews are very good, too.  Britton loves it and calls it his "bouncy trampoline".  I forsee lots of use out of it this summer.

Bishop loves being outside.  He is going to have so much fun this summer.  

Lewis got home around 3:30 and took the kids on wagon ride to the mailbox.

I cannot believe March will be here at the end of the week!


mindibz said...

We've been discussing a trampoline...I like the size (and price) of this one!

Elisa B said...

You can have Bo come try it out if you like! :)