Saturday, February 25, 2012

The past week

I didn't work this week.  I think we are going to end February with me just working those 3 days at the beginning of the  month. It's okay, we had lots going on!

Britton had his first dentist appointment this past Monday, but I failed to get a picture of him there.  My usually social and independent boy turned into a clingy, frightened patient once we were taken back.  All morning he had been so excited to tell me "I'm going to the dentist, Mami, NOT the doctor", and he even kept asking me when he would get to open his mouth.  Once the hygienist asked him to sit in the chair, he wasn't having any of it.  He wouldn't even open his mouth for her.  It was like he had gone mute.  Once the dentist came in, they had me straddle him on my lap, facing me, and leaned him back into the dentist's lap.  He screamed, but at least his mouth was open.  The dentist said his teeth looked great and there was very little plaque and no cavities.  I was happy to hear that as I don't have the greatest teeth.  But I was horrified to see how many (huge!) boogers were in his nose once he was laying down and a bright light was shone (shined?) on him.  Once the dentist left the room, he was fine. He was back to his normal self when he was allowed to select a sticker and a small toy.  In all, it took about 20 minutes and the actual dentist part took about 3 minutes.  Glad we have dental insurance because it was not worth what would have been the out of pocket expense!  We made another appointment for 6 months from now so we will see if that goes any better!

Both boys for their first shared bath.  As cute as it is, it is much harder to bathe Bishop when we do this.  So we won't be doing it often.

I included this picture because Britton loves it. He asks me for the "Bishop bathtub hand" and mimics Bishop's hand.  It's cute.

We had a 72 degree day on Wednesday.  It was nice, albeit a little windy.  But Lewis came home early on purpose and we went to the park up the street.  

Britton had gotten a model airplane from my father in law for Valentine's Day so Lewis took it to the park to fly.  Unfortunately, they lasted about 30 minutes before someone stepped on it and broke the wing.

We had fun in the backyard as well!

Britton's other Valentine's Day gift.  Bishop received a "Pat The Bunny" book.

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april said...

hmmm...somebody stepped on the plane and broke the wing. wonder who that was?

love the pictures!