Thursday, March 01, 2012

First Day of March

Britton thought it was hilarious to "hide" under his Daddy.  
I think it looks like Lewis has a child growing from his armpit. :)

Bishop had the flu this past week.  He was miserable.  He is ALL better now, but has become accustomed to being held ALL THE TIME.  It is painful to wean him from that.  I liked how cuddly he was, but there is no way I can hold him all the time!  And I think he really looks like Lewis' baby pictures in this one.

He loves being outside.  I love the BabyLegs on him.

I love this kid!  He was cooking and using his drill as a mixer.  When I asked what he was cooking, he said "chocolate chips!".  That's my kind of cooking. (or baking, I guess).

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