Saturday, October 29, 2011

Car Accident

We were going out to eat at El Tejevan Friday evening. My IL's were joining us and Britton rode with them since he was already with them.

We were on Western St.  We saw a car ahead of us in the left lane come to a stop. We couldn't change lanes, so we stopped behind them. (there was no left turn lane). An SUV came from behind and smacked us. We in turn smacked into the car that was waiting to turn.

Bishop began screaming. Lewis and I were fine, but I was freaking out about Bishop screaming. I called 911 from my cell. All three cars pulled into a side street.

There were no skid marks. The SUV didn't even slow down. He was probably going about 30-40 mph. The car in front of us was fine. Lewis pretty much thinks our Camry is totalled. The front is all jacked up, into the engine area. I have no idea about the SUV that hit us.

The firefighter told us we'd have to get new carseats. Lewis laughed and said I was a car seat nazi and would definitely be doing that and had already mentioned it to him.. They checked Bishop out and deemed him fine. Once I picked him up, he was happy. Just looking around. I think he's fine, too. His legs and arms work. :)

We had a Blvd and a Frontier (only 2 mo old!) so it's a pricey replacement, but SOMEONE's insurance is going to pay for it.  It's been a hassle to get out of the house.  I am driving the truck.  For the meantime, we have borrowed my in-law's convertible seat for Bishop.  We already had the Radian in the truck for Britton.

That's all. More dramatic than it really was. I'm just glad we are all safe. 

I think it's going to be a while before we get our third car back.  If it's totaled, then we have to go through the whole buying process again.  Last time, it took over a year.  Ugh.

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