Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This is a very picture heavy post.  Just warning you. :)

The past two years, we have ToT'ed in my inlaw's neighborhood.  We decided to ToT in our neighborhood this year.  My IL's came over to join us.  I am sad that my parents couldn't be here, too, because they would have loved it.

Britton LOVED it.  He can say "trick or treat" perfectly.  Bishop was pretty happy gnawing on the stroller strap.  He was a trooper right until the end.  

My two boys.  Pirate and Britton-stein!

He loves suckers.

Mami, see my sucker!!!???!!!

Blurry, but the best one we got.

I love this kid.

He's over it.

One house was giving away Chocolate covered strawberries!!

Not an easy feat for a "meh" picture.  Britton kept complaining that Bishop was "heavy".  You're telling me!!!

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