Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snowed In

The past two weeks have been really really really cold here in Amarillo.  We've been mostly house-bound and it has been tough...on both me and Britton.  Britton also had a cold the first week, and lucky me has it this week.  But I think I have a worse case than he did.  His was over in about 3 days with OTC meds.  Mine is going on day 5 and not only am I on OTC meds, but also antibiotics.  Ugh, I feel horrible and being cooped up inside with a rambunctious toddler is not easy.  I just want to lie in bed all day and sleep, but that's not happening.

Thursday, Britton and I attempted to leave the house to try to get him to MDO and for me to go to the doctor.  We made it maybe 100 feet before getting the car stuck in all the snow in the alley.  I had to call Lewis to come rescue us.  He tried to dig us out, but finally just tied the car to the back of his truck and pulled us to the road.  THEN the car would not make it up the hill to the main road.  Ugh.  So right now the car is sitting in a huge pile of snow in front of our house.  Lewis ended up taking me to the doctor that day and Britton's MDO was cancelled. 

I am actually ticked off that the MDO was cancelled. Their policy is that if Amarillo ISD cancels, then they will, too.  BUT AISD was NOT cancelled.  And I found nothing on the internet to tell me otherwise about MDO until after we got back from the doctor.  We do not get a credit or refund if they cancel, so I am not a happy camper with them right now.

I am officially on maternity leave from work.  I am both happy and sad about it.  Happy because I don't have to deal with commuting/moving my schedule around.  But sad because I really so like my job and getting away.

Britton has also been picking up several new words.  His favorite seems to be Caca.  As in poop.  He will say the word as he pats his butt. This is not to tell us that he HAS caca, but more just like, "Hey, this is where caca comes from!".  He also refers to food on the ground, or dirt on the ground as "caca". 

Other words he as recently picked up are KEY, CHEESE, TV, FIX, and HELP.  He also knows AGUA.  If you say "water", he will say AGUA. ;)  Yay for a Spanish word!

He is also using the word "papa" for food he wants.  We went out to eat last night and he pointed to the basket of chips, and said "papa!".  (The kid also LOVES salsa!  He will dunk the chip about 10 times and then eat it.  At this particualr place, the salsa is HOT.  Poor kid would eat it, then try to scrape his tongue.  But he kept going back for more!)  And this morning, afer not wanting to eat breakfast, he asked for "papa" about 10:00am.  (Sorry buddy, but we are not a "feed on demand" house.  If you decide to skip a meal, then you have to wait for the next one offered!)  BTW, he ate a very good lunch today! ;)

Britton will also point to himself when you ask him "Where is Britton?".  He loves to watch videos of himself and browse pictures of himself.  He shakes his head NO when he does not want something.  He is very aware that there is a "Baby Bishop" is my tummy, but I do not think he really understands what it means.  He hsa also taken to calling me "mommy" rather than "mama".  I never liked the word "mommy", but coming from him, it's cute and I will answer to it. ;)

He loves his puzzles and blocks, but his attention span is not very long. ;)  He also looks really really cute playing with his cars and pushing them along on the floor or table.  He loves to be read to as well.  He will bring you books and want to sit on your lap while you read.

The following pics were taken with my iPhone, so the quality is not the best.

Wearing Daddy's beanie...he likes to be "like Daddy".

Blurry, but I LOVE this one.

Not quite sure what to make of the snow.

He had just fnished EATING some of the snow.

Acting like a ham...what a cheesy smile.

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