Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Boy

In anticipation and preparation of Bishop's impending arrival, we have been much more aware that Britton will need to move up to "big boy" items.  We introduced a booster seat at the dining room table and he has taken to it very well.  When faced with choosing either the high chair or the booster, he chooses the booster.  So the high chair has been relegated to the basement until Bishop is ready to use it.  Britton is actually eating much better since moving to the booster.  Or it could just be a coincidence. ;)

(Pictures are taken from my iPhone)

He can fasten and unfasten the lap belt.  But he is timid about getting down by himself.

The next "big boy" thing we have introduced is a twin bed.  Lewis and I considered a toddler bed.  But in the end, we know the boys will share a room, so we decided to go with bunk beds, knowing that with two boys, they will get roughed up pretty good.  We looked at several places, including online.  We wanted something nice, sturdy, and not too expensive.  Most of the furniture stores had bunk beds made from MDF and cost lots more moolah than we were willing to spend.  Walmart actually surprised me by having real wood bunkbeds at a VERY reasonable cost.

So we went with these beds.  Lewis put only the bottom one together and I am very impressed with the quality in regards to the cost.

My parents brought up a twin mattress they were not using and I picked up some clearance sheets and a blanket at Target and my baby was ready to go.

Tonight is the first night he will sleep in it.  My number one fear is that he will fall out of the bed.  He is a crazy sleeper.  We put down the foam playmat on the floor, a rug on top of that, and then a blanket on top of the rug.  So if he falls, at least he wil not crack his head open on the concrete.

My second fear is that Britton will no longer sleep 11-12 hours straight.  I'd be tempted to put him back in the crib, but we need to use the crib for Bishop eventually.  And I don't want Britton to think Bishop "stole" his crib.

Doesn't he look tiny?!?  My baby is growing up!

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