Sunday, February 20, 2011

My husband has SKILLZ

I have wanted a Learning Tower for Britton for a LONG TIME.  My friend, Stephanie, has one for her kids, and I envy it every time we visit. 


It retails for $200.  Ouch.

I had been working on convincing Lewis that we needed one.  Britton likes being in the thick of things, especially in the kitchen.  And having him stand on a chair or sit on the counter made me nervous. 

But again, Learning Towers cost $200.

So Lewis decided he'd build one.  And we found the plans on the internet.  HERE. 
And materials were about $75.

I had complete confidence in Lewis.  He is the white version of Handy Manny.  LOL.   He can build pretty much anything.  And he built Britton a Learning Tower for his upcoming 2nd birthday.

I love it.  Britton loves it.  And we use it ALL.THE.TIME.

My husband rocks!

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