Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Stubborn Boy

This afternoon I found Britton turning his sippy cup upside down and pressing the straw against the floor.  This made it leak.

So I sat Britton down in a "time out" and I told him that we do not play with our drinks and that sippy cups were for drinking. ( Before kids, I always said time outs were for wussies, but Britton responds really well to them!).  He cried for a few seconds and then just sat there.

Time outs usually last about one minute, so after about a minute, I said, "We do not play with our cups.  We drink from them".  And then I said, "Okay, you can get up now.  Come give Mama a big squeeze (hug)".

And he shook his head no.  As in no, he was not going to get up.

Ummm, this was not something I had foreseen.  So what to do now?  Since he wanted to stay seated, should I have put him in a "standing up" time out?  Should I have forced him to get up?

He sat there probably another minute while I figured out what to do.  By then, I told him to get up again, and he complied.   Thank goodness!

He is so stubborn! 

I told Lewis about it when he got home from work, and he laughed and said it sounded like something he would have done.  Grrreaaaattttttt......................

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