Sunday, August 22, 2010


We spent a week in Colorado.  I've been once before with Lewis and my inlaws and another older couple.  This year it was the same people, plus Britton and the other couple's granddaughter.

We stayed in a bigger cabin, which I was SO grateful for.  Britton stayed on schedule except for keeping him up an additional 2 hours since the time time change and sunset were different than at home.

Lewis took the camera with him everyday when he went fishing.  So I have very little pictures.  I ddi take some with my phone, but the majority are on my inlaws camera, which I do not have copies of yet.

I can tell you that next year, Britton and I will not be going.  I do not want to deal with a toddler and newborn in a cabin away from home.  We took some toys for him and Britton has gotten really good at the shape sorter.  He is also eating really well with a fork.

Britton loved playing with rocks and sticks and being outside.  He is usually really really good in the carseat, but 9 hours will take a toll on anyone, regardless of age. 

The pic below was taken on my phone one foggy morning.  Lewis had gone to look for a knife he had left behind and as he was walking back towards us, Britton took off to meet him.  This is the both of them walking towards me, holding hands.  I LOVE this picture. ;)

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