Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy 2010!!

Our little family went to a kid-friendly NYE party at a friend's house.  We got there about 7:30pm and left a little after 9pm.  Britton was asleep by 10pm.  That is the latest he has been up since he's started sleeping through the night.  He was very quiet at the party.  There were several kids around the ages of 3 to 7 and they were running and were loud and poor Britton couldn't move his head fast enough to keep up with them!  Lewis and I didn't even make it to midnight. 

Lewis and I are very adamant that Britton sleep in his crib for naps and bedtime.  He rarely comes into our bed.  But the past couple of weeks, we have been bringing him to our bed on the weekends only, after his morning bottle.  Just for a few minutes.  He loves snuggling, but is quite the wiggle worm.  He looked so cute in his jammies laying next to his daddy that I went to get the camera.  My boy is no dummy...he saw the light from the pre-flash and burst into little giggles.  He knows that the camera = smiles!!!!

We had a lazy day today.  Britton sat on the couch with Lewis and me when he wasn't napping or playing on his own.  I love him in the color brown.

We bought a Superyard XT for Britton on NYE.  He doesn't like to be confined to the walker or the jumperoo, but he doesn't stay on his foam playmat.  And sometimes I need to get some stuff done and not have to worry if he is eating the plants or gnawing on the TV wires or finding cobwebs. ;)  This gives him lots more room than the playpen and it's portable and configures to whatever shape we want.  I think when he gets a bit bigger, we will be buying the extension to give him some more room. (P.S.  He is standing!!!)

And then he fell. :(

Our 2010 has started out great.  It is so nice to have Lewis home with us.

And since getting the go-ahead on meats and table food for Britton, we have been giving him all sort of goodies.  He's had spinach, pork tenderloin, pancakes, sausage patties, blackeyed peas, and peach pie with a tiny bit of ice cream.  He loves it all!

I also have joined our Mom's Club Biggest Loser Challenge.  I got weighed, measured, and had BEFORE pics taken on Friday.  My goal is to lose 25 lbs by the end of April.  I am tired of having tons of clothes in my closet that I cannot wear because they don't fit.  I WILL DO IT!!!  I've done it before (albeit with a trainer!) and I will do it again.  Eating healthy and smart, portion control, and exercise!!

My joints are still hurting, but not as much as 2 weeks ago.  I still can't bear weight on my wrists and my feet joints hurt, but I can do a decent workout.

I am excited for what the first quarter of 2010 brings!  My mom's bday is this month, my sisters are most likely coming to visit this month, hopefully I can go back ot work in a couple fo weeks, we are going to San Antonio for a work conference with Lewis in March, my birthday is in March, and then my baby boy turns ONE on March 30th!!!!!!


Michelle Franco said...

Happy New Year to the Brown family! =)

Ric and I couldn't stop laughing at the last picture of Britton. Ric asked if Britton threw himself back? I said I think he just fell. Either way, he looks too cute with his legs straight as a board and his face red as a tomato. =)

He is such a big boy already. He will be walking before you know it!

Good luck with your Mom's Club Biggest Loser Challenge. Iknow you can do it. =) Just have fun with it.

xoxo, Michelle

april said...

good luck with the challenge; i know you will do great!

CB said...

Elisa! Wow, Britton is getting SO big!! We had a play yard for Ben..we called it, "the pit"..and used to say.."throw him in the pit". We loved it because it contained we trained him to stay in it, but when other kids came over, they would scream and want to roam around. For some reason that was hard for me to just let him aimlessly roam! Congrats on the Biggest Loser challenge! I need to do that too!! I don't think you need to lose 25 lbs!!