Monday, January 04, 2010

40 weeks.

40 weeks.  Holy Moly.  That is as long a normal pregnancy.

I can remember when my baby was 3 weeks!  How did we get to 40 weeks so fast!?!?!?  This morning, when I went to his room, I found him sitting up and playing with his crib soother.  He is so good at getting from a sitting position to crawling position, and just in the last week, mastered the crawling position to a sitting position.

I am doing well so far in my Biggest Loser Challenge.  They have decided to add a small monetary incentive.  Yahoo!

I have meal planned out our meals for the week.  I stayed under budget AND they are relatively healthy.  Today I did a cycling class.  My bottom hurts, but it felt good!!  I like that there was no impact on my joints.  Tomorrow, I am going to Body Attack and then I am doing cycling again on Wednesday.  I am so glad our gym has a good daycare.

Britton is babbling and babbling and trying out his volume level.  Today, I gave him some snacks on his highchair tray.  A few minutes later he started "yelling".  I guess he wanted to tell me he was out of snacks and he wanted more! ;)

We are moving him up to Size 4 Huggies Overnight Diapers, but are staying in Size 3 Pampers for day use.

I love this picture!  My boy can pose!!!

Dimples and smile

Blurry, but I love the smile! Oh, and he can crawl FOR REAL now!!! Not only dragging himself, but full on hands and knees crawling!!  I caught him pulling up on the pen (the superyard thing) and he only go as high as his knees.  Britton better learn how to get down before he gets stuck standing up! ;)

My inlaws bought a new TV.  Lucky for us, it didn't fit in their hutch.  So we got it.  I LOVE IT!  If you know the status of our furniture, you know what I'm talking about when I say it makes our house look more real.

And the hutch open....

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april said...

he is sooooooo CUTE! i cannot wait to see him.