Monday, September 07, 2009

23 weeks

I pretty much forgot Britton turned 23 weeks today. It feels like a Sunday since it's a holiday and so I thought I had one more day to take a picture and to post.

These pictures are from Sunday morning before church. Both items of clothing are from Once Upon A Child. I love shopping there, I have gotten some really really great deals. They had a $1 sale a few weeks ago and I got Britton tons of fall clothes for $1 each, in great condition and so cute! A friend for mine just started working there and she will hold back cute items she thinks I will like and then I can go in and see if I want them. YAY!!

Selling to the store isn't so great. I don't think they give you what the item is worth. But for buying, it's usually a good place to go to first. But you have to go in there knowing what things cost at full price retail stores. Otherwise, you don't know if you are getting a good deal or not. We bought our glider there (he's sitting in it in the picture) and it is BY FAR the best deal we have gotten. It is a $600 glider we got for $100. I honestly think the owners just did not know how to price it, because now they have lower end gliders priced at $250 and they are 1) not the quality of the one I have, and 2) not worth $250.

In solids news, Britton officially hates oatmeal, carrots, and squash. He sort of likes sweet potatoes, but it wasn't the reaction I had hoped for. I think his aversion may have less to do with the taste and more with the texture. Or at least I hope so. All I can do it continue to give it to him and see if he eventually likes it.

He is so active and aware now. He will reach out to touch your face and try to pull your glasses off. He likes to "dance" to music while you are holding him. He will give me a "hug" and will open mouth kiss my cheek. He can hold toys in his hands really well and can move them from hand to hand. He is stopped rolling over, but I hope he starts again. I have been doing more tummy time with him to try to get him to roll, but he hates it. Little does he know that as soon as he starts rolling, I won't put him on his tummy as much!

He eats 4 seven ounce bottles a day, plus his solids. He takes 3 consistent naps a day. And the best thing: He sleeps from 7:30pm to 7:30am, AND will put himself to sleep if you just lay him in the crib. Naps are a different story, but I am SO proud of my boy!

He is making 2 syllable sounds and once in a while will play with the decibel level of his "voice". He knows what the bottle looks like, and what it means. He's so cute because he will start kicking his legs and open his mouth when he sees it.

Britton moved into size 3 Pampers Cruisers last week. He will get to see his Abuelito and Grandma Franco this coming weekend.

We are also walking 3 miles every morning, after his morning bottle. He usually stays awake the whole walk, and then takes a nap when we get home.

A while ago, I posted about the strollers we had decided to get for Britton. I ended up taking the Graco Ipo back and was going to make do with the Mountain Buggy. But it had been getting very tedious taking it in and out of the trunk for quick trips. I love it, but it's big if I just want to go to Target or the Library. Last week, I was browsing at TJ Maxx and saw a Maclaren Quest at an UNBELIEVABLE price because it was 2008 colors. Who cares!?!? I got it and I LOVE it. So I have 2 wonderful quality strollers that I paid a fraction of retail for. Only but one reason Lewis loves me. ;)

Here are some pics of my growing boy!

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CB said...

I Love Once Upon a Child too! Ben almost never wore anything from any other place until he was 3! Great that you have a friend that holds things back for you!! Bonus!! Britton looks very cute in his new garb!