Monday, July 06, 2009

2009 Reunion

Whew! We had a busy whirlwind weekend!

My family always has their annual family reunion over the 4th of July weekend. This year it was at my aunt's house in the Hill Country. Lewis and I decided we would fly to Dallas, and then rent a car for the 2 hour drive.

We invited my 10 year old cousin to come with us. She and Britton got to experience their first airplane ride. The flights were wide open both ways so that was less stress for us. Britton was a champ on both flights. I also thought it was nice to get back on an airplane. It made me miss work, but I know I will also miss my boy when I go back in the air.

Britton finally got to meet my brother and his family. We stayed kinda on schedule with him, but when we got back on Sunday, Britton took LONG naps. I think he liked being back in his crib, in his room, and back to what he knows.

Britton also slept in a Pack and Play next to our hotel bed while we were there. I got very little sleep this weekend. I had forgotten just how noisy Britton can be when sleeping. Every little grunt woke me up! We also put his white noise on an MP3 player and bought portable speakers so we could replicate what he is used to at home. They worked like a charm.

It was so nice to see family and for them to all meet Britton. The only drama of the visit was when my dad had to go to the Emergency Room to get stitches. He was slaughtering a goat and accidently cut his wrist with the knife. Oh, and my Aunt Dianna did NOT bite Britton's legs or cheeks. ;)

Here are tons of pics of our weekend!

I had been saving these PJ's because I thought they would be too big on him. I was wrong! They don't even fit! He looks like a stuffed sausage in them! But I love the airplanes! Too bad he never got to sleep in them. Maybe I can be ghetto and cut the feet off. ;)

The other airplane PJ's I put him in. I thought these would be too big as well, but they fit just right! I don't think he'll get many wears out of them though. His Grammie Brown bought these for him. I think the airplanes were appropriate since he would take his first plane ride the next day.

At the Amarillo airport checking in.

In the cockpit with our Captain on our return flight!

Britton and me on our flight going home

Sweet toes! I love his little feet!

Britton in the Moby Wrap. I love this carrier!

Chilling out on his dad in the hotel room

Too cool with his sunglasses!

Britton with his Uncle Ricky

Face off!!!

I love this picture....

About to cry!

Zayda, my niece

Dominique, my nephew

Liz, my niece

Michelle and Ricky

My cousin Susie, her husband Martin, and their grandson Elias

Look at all the attention Britton gets!

Our little family!

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Anonymous said...

My nephew is adorable!!! It was good seeing him again. I can't wait until he comes and visits me.