Monday, July 13, 2009

15 weeks and a funny story

Britton is sooooo aware of his surroundings now. You can practically see little wheels in his head turning as he sees something new. Feeding him and getting him to nap are becoming a little more difficult because he constantly is turning his head to make sure he doesn't miss anything.

He is talking up a storm as well. I wonder which parent he gets THAT from! ;) He will talk to anyone and anything, including ceiling fans.

We took out the final head support from his carseat. He is getting so big! I have a hard time toting the carseat around with him in it and most likely we will only be able to use it a few more months before he outgrows the height limit. I have been researching stollers and convertible carseats. I plan on making final selections on our trip to San Antonio since I will be able to try them in person. Amarillo just does not have the retailers for some of the stuff I want. So far, I am looking at this BOB stroller and this Britax Carseat. They will be my splurges for Britton, but they will last a l-o-n-g time.

Britton has been doing great sleeping on his tummy at night. The problem I am running into is that he soaks his diaper completely. To the point where his pajamas are wet as well. Which wake him up. I was told to put him in a bigger diaper size than he normally wears. I did, and it was a So my next option is to try Huggies Overnights. I use Pampers for everyday use, but I hear Huggies has the better overnight diaper.

And here's the funny story...

While I run Britton's bath, Lewis undresses him. Tonight, Lewis undressed him and then had Britton laying in his lap naked, with Britton's head at his knees. I came over to get him and Lewis was tickling Britton's tummy. Britton was bringing his legs toward his tummy in response to the tickling and all of a sudden let out a loud fart. Lewis jumped a mile! It was sooooo funny! Lewis thought that Britton had pooped on him! I could not stop laughing! There were literally tears coming from my eyes. (Maybe you had to be there. It's not as funny when I read what I wrote).

Here are some pictures:

I just love this face!!!!
(15 weeks)

Just woke up from a nap. See? No head support!
(15 weeks)

14 weeks 4 days

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