Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swimming invitation

We have some friends that live a couple of blocks away from us. They recently got a small above-ground pool and they invited Britton and me to go swimming on Friday!

Obviously, I can't put Britton in the pool naked, so I bought some Huggies Little Swimmers and Pampers Little Splashers at Target today. One sale with a coupon AND on clearance! 40 swim diapers for less than $17! And since the weight range is 16-34lbs, Britton will be able to use them next summer as well! He does have some swim trunks that I will put over the hideous Nemo and Deigo cartoons on the diapers.

I think Britton is going to LOVE the pool! He has already figured out how to make big splashes in his tub during his bath. It makes a mess of me and the kitchen floor!

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