Monday, May 18, 2009

7 weeks

Check out Britton's camo wear. Here he is with Doc.

Getting so big!

A smile...kinda.

This is his "I love looking at ceiling fans" look.

What a week!

Britton is full-on smiling more, but it's hard to catch it on camera. He loves his little bouncy chair and kicks up a storm while in it. His arms also flail around as he watches the bubbles in the clear window.

When he is awake, he is so alert. He looks all around and absorbs everything there is to see.

We had a busy weekend. We attended my cousin's baby shower and Britton seemed to be in awe of all the commotion. When we're at home, it's just me and him, and it's pretty quiet, except for the TV, if it's on.

We also spent some time at my in-law's while Lewis planted some trees. Grammie got to give Britton a bottle two days in a row! Grandpa held Britton for a while, until he started crying, then he quickly handed him off. Once Britton settled down, Grandpa asked for him back. :)

Britton also had his first trip to Broken Springs Ranch to spend some time with Honey and Poppy, also known as Becky and Dr. High. We stayed for dinner after Lewis did the feeders. Britton was all decked out in his baby camo gear. For the Fall/Winter, he has his Carhart Overalls that his Tia April bought him. He is ready for the ranch!

Britton has given us some glorious sleep a few days this past week. Just last night he slept 6 hours straight, took a bottle, and then slept 4 more hours. It was awesome! But he also has his nights when he fights sleep and wakes up every 3-4 hours and takes a while to go back to sleep.

The weather has been awesome. We've taken a few walks around the neighborhood and I can't wait until he's a bit older to try swimming with him. He's much better about his baths and I have a feeling he'll love the pool. Me, in my postpartum state, not so much. I can't even fathom wearing a bathing suit in public any time soon.


april said...

he is so cute in his camo...and britton looks cute too. ha, just kidding!

he is getting so big. i cant wait to meet him!

kfranco said...

He looks like a little bird in the third pic. It makes me laugh!!!