Monday, May 11, 2009

6 weeks

I cannot believe Britton is 6 weeks old already! He has changed so much from a few weeks ago!

He can smile, he coos once in a while, and he can focus very well. He cracks me up sometimes with the faces he makes!

We are working on his tummy time to strengthen his neck muscles, but also to try to get rid the flat spot on the back of his head. He's not a big fan of tummy time, but oh well! He has no choice!

He is eating and sleeping great! At night, he has given me one 6 hr stretch, a few 5 hr stretches, but mainly 3 and 4 hr stretches of sleep.

He is such a good baby. So laidback and not overly fussy.

Lewis does such a great job with him. He changes diapers, feeds him, burps him, and puts him to sleep. Granted he doesn't get up at night with him, but then again, he's the one who goes to work. I can at least spend the day in pajamas and take a nap with my boy if I want.

In my hip news, I had an appt with the rheumotologist on Monday. Long story short, they think I have rheumatiod arthritis. So they want to put me on this expensive medication. But they also gave me a steroid shot and some prescription strength anti-inflammatories. I feel so much better already!

We are waiting a few months to see if being on the anti-inflammatories are the ticket. Lewis and I are not completly convinced it is RA. We think it is just an overflow from the pregnancy and the hormones.

There was a bit of drama over a TB skin test, but I'll spare you the details. Rest assured, I do not have active TB. :)

My parents came to visit last weekend and Britton "spent the night" with Grandma and Abuelito again. So I got some GLORIOUS uninterrupted sleep!

My first Mother's Day was very uneventful. Lewis worked on cabinets and watched the baby later that afternoon while I took some time for myself to go shopping for some clothes. My maternity stuff is HUGE on me, but the prepregnancy clothes are not quite ready to make their debut. I can get most of my pants up around my hips, but they are far from being able to button. I have been told the hips never go back to their original position.

I ordered 3 Jillian Michaels' workout dvd's, inlcuding this one. They come highly recommended. Target had given me a token store credit since they did not honor a price for the Britax carseat I ordered online. So I used that credit to buy the 3 dvd's.

Now onto the pictures:

Mama and her boy...our first Mother's Day.

My work, Southwest Airlines, sent Britton these wings. Aren't they cute? Britton also has letters and cards from the CEO, the VP of inflight, the Regional Directors of Inflight, and the local Chicago Inflight Base staff. Woo Hoo!

This is a Moby Wrap. It lets you basically "wear" your baby, up to 35 lbs. There are several different "holds" that you can wear them in. I love it and Britton does too. He falls asleep very comfortably in it.

Abuelito and Grandma with Britton

My beautiful boy...

Hmmmm, I wonder when it's time to eat again???

So alert!!
And a half least he's not looking as serious as usual!

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april said...

i love him!

and you are looking great!