Monday, May 04, 2009

5 weeks

What's new in week 5?

Ummm, Britton is still pooping, still peeing, still eating, still sleeping (a little bit longer stretches at night!), and still as cute as a button!

He laughed in his sleep the other day. It was a beautiful sound! He hasn't done it again, but I can't wait for the next time! He also coos once in a while. Lewis and I are learning to differentiate between his cries. We know the "I am hungry, feed me NOW" cry pretty good.

Today he fell asleep on his own twice. I am trying to put him down drowsy so in the future he doesn't depend on me to fall asleep if he wakes up in the middle of the night. I don't know if today was a fluke, but it makes me proud of him!

I have also conquered my fear of giving him a bath. Lewis had been doing it, but he screamed the whole time. Maybe because Lewis would wet him under the faucet and then lay him on a towel while he soaped him up. I would be cold and yelling too, if this was how I showered! My way involves filling the sink and keeping him under the water up to his mid-chest. He whimpers a little during his bath, but at least he's not screamingbloody murder. We do have a baby tub for him, but it is awkward. Maybe we will try it again when he is older.

The baby shower at Lewis' work was nice. Britton got lots of nice things, including a very pretty blue and yellow duck quilt and burp cloths embroidered with his name. You can never have enough burp cloths!

The church we attend is also hosting a shower for him on May 30th.

My parents are coming to visit again this weekend! Yippee!!

I don't know a lot of lullabies to sing to him. I know one. In Spanish. He likes it. :)
But when I need something more rythmic or up beat, like when I'm bouncing him while he's awake, I find myself singing cheer chants I learned in high school.

It's either those chants or I sing the hokey pokey song to him. We are quite a sight to see dancing in the living room!

And what you've been waiting for (or at least what Tia April and Tia Karol and Grandma have been waiting for):

The loves of my life....

This one cracks me up. It looks like a baby "mugshot".

My beautiful boy.


april said...

he keeps getting cuter & cuter every day!

make sure you teach him the happy birthday song. i will even show him how to make a paper mâché egg to go along with it!

Crissybug said...

Britton is so stinkin cute! I LOVE it when they start to laugh. That sound makes my heart melt EVERY SINGLE TIME.

As far as the bath time goes...I am sure you get lots of advice. For me I would put a washcloth or small towel on top of him in the tub/sink. It seems to help them not feel so exposed, and also keep some of the warmth. Good luck!