Friday, March 06, 2009


I am 35/35 today. In "crazy-pregnant-lady-language", that means I am 35 weeks pregnant and only have 35 days to go until BB's estimated due date. AND ONLY TWO WEEKS AWAY FROM FULL TERM. So technically, Lewis and I could be bringing home a baby in about two weeks. Holy smokes.

But I don't think it will happen that early.

I have had incredible nesting urges. I clean in a tizzy, and then it goes away. And then I start cleaning again. And then it goes away.

Or I wake up at 6am with a brainful of things I MUST get down on paper before I forget.

Things like:

install a dimmer in the nursery
install a ceiling fan in the nursery
paint the guest bathroom
find a dresser/changing table TODAY
figure out where BB's clothes and supplies will go
get window treatments for the guest room and nursery

And this is only a few of them. I have a full page of "things to do" on the fridge.

I feel like there is sooo much to do, yet my hands are tied.

I brought this home today, courtesy of someone who loves BB. I love it!

My aunt and uncle's neighbor, who sews like a pro, has also generously offered to re-cover the cushions on the glider. We shopped for fabric on Wednesday. Originally, I figured I wanted the cushions re-covered in a yellow or green. But I ultimately chose a nice blue denim. I think it's going to look awesome and I can't wait to see the finished product.

My MIL showed me the rough pinnings of the baby bedding and it looks so so so good! I cannot wait until she is finished so I can put it all the crib and see how it all looks.

I have been searching high and low for a dresser that can be used a changing table. This was my original plan from the get-go. But then I decided I could save us some money by just using the dresser from a bedroom set in the guestroom. But now, the more I think about it, the more I don't want to separate the dresser from the rest of the ensemble. So I resumed my search for a dresser/changing table this week.

After hitting what seemed like a zillion used furniture stores, and calling the children's consignment stores every day this week, I made the decision to just buy a changing table that matches the crib. The crib was given to us and it's a white Jenny Lind. The matching changing table is not expensive, as it's not the greatest quality. But I don't plan on making either the crib or table heirloom pieces, so for now, I'm doing what looks nice, and does the job, for the least amount of money. As a bonus, my friend who owns a children's shop is selling me a new one at a BARGAIN price. Here is a picture of the changing table. I plan on using baskets on the lower shelves to hold supplies and some clothing.

Slowly but surely, it is all coming together. I am meeting with a friend next week to get her take on what still needs to be done that I am forgetting.

Oh! And the church Lewis and I attend has told us they want to host a baby shower for us. It will be after BB arrives. I think it will work out better that way, since by that time, we will know whether BB is a girl or a boy!


mamakrystal said...

What's BB's first outfit going to be?? Post the outfit if you can!! hehe

Melinda said...

I love baby showers after the baby has arrived. You really know what you need and don't need then. Also, I always loved and super appreciated getting diapers. You can never get too many diapers and wipes at a baby shower. They always come in handy! Let me know where you are registered.

april said...

whoa...tons of people love bb! (but probably none more than tia pinny (well except for MAYBE you)!