Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I had an OB appt today.

When the nurse called me in, she told me that my doctor had 3 patients in labor, so she (the doc) was at the hospital, and that she (the nurse) would be doing my exam today.

It was the usual...weight was taken (normal gain), BP (excellent), and pee in a cup (she didn't say anything, so I assume it was fine!). We listened to BB's heartrate and it was a tad slower than usual. 135ish bpm. According to the books I read and the Internet, BB weighs around 6 lbs at this point in pregnancy.

I was due for the GBS test and will have the results at my next appt. I don't think it's that big of a deal.

Since I am in the home stretch of this pregnancy, I will see my doctor once a week, until BB arrives. My internals exams begin next week, at my appt on Monday. Fun, fun. These basically tell the doctor the "status" of my cervix.

I will also do my pre-admit and Labor and Delivery Unit tour next week.

There were some home improvement projects done this past weekend, including painting and setting up the guest bath, and getting our guest bedroom set up for visitors. Our "guest bedroom" was previously a "storage area". Lots of boxes/crap had to be moved to the basement.

I will post pictures of both rooms when I have them completely finished. I need a few more things to make them look "done". (or at least as "done" as they are going to be!). This coming weekend Lewis and I will be taking some baby-related classes since we skipped out on them last month because I was sick.

My MIL finished the crib skirt and I got to bring it home and put it in the crib. It looks awesome! She is currently working on the bumpers. Again, pictures will be taken and shared when it's all put together. It's kind of a smorgasboard of things in there right now. I need to get some stuff for the walls. But that may be AFTER BB arrives, so I can do some "color specific" things.

My sister moved into her apartment this past weekend. My mom is on Spring Break, so she and my dad drove down to help her get settled. My parents will also be paying my brother and his family a visit. And so as not to leave my other sister out of the "update", I will say hello to her! :)

That's all! Have a good week!

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slarrabee said...

The rooms are great, you look great and the imginary baby is adoralbe. I was just thinking what if I man and woman put in their pictures and got a disturbing looking baby? Oh wait, that might have been my parents!

We miss ya but you are on a much better 'line' this month!!!!

Take care as always,
Susan Larrabee