Sunday, March 01, 2009

1st Day of March

If someone asks me when BB is due, I can officially say, "Next month!"

That is so incredible to me! And who knows? Maybe it will be a little bit early and make his/her debut towards the end of March! Afterall, I will be full-term on March 20th. Anyone care to guess what day BB will arrive?

In the meantime, I need to get cracking on the "nesting". I have lots to do around the house before BB gets here!


tracey said...

Okay, you're seriously such a cute little pregnant woman. =) Wow, can't believe you are due next month!! I still think BB will wait until April. Miles' b-day is April 13, maybe they'll be close! But I will go ahead and guess April 7. Not sure why, just sounds good! =)

Elisa said...

Thanks, Tracey! :)

My guesses are March 27th and April 5th. It's the numbers thing again. 3/27/09 (3 times 9 equals 27) and 4/5/09 (4 plus 5 equals 9).

tracey said...

I almost said April 5th, but only because it is a specific thing for me, so I didn't think that would be a true guess. =)