Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BB loves food

So I haven't been feeling well. And with that, I really don't have much of an appetite.

Last night for dinner I had an apple and a Fiber One Bar with a bottle of water. BB was moving around like a ninja afterwards while we were at our childbirth class. By the time we went to bed, BB had slowed down and I really didn't feel the insane amount of movement that I normally do when I lay down.

I slept so good last night. Thank you Robutussin and Tylenol PM. I only woke up twice, I think. Both times, BB moved, so I knew he/she was okay.

Fast forward to this morning. I didn't get up until almost 10. I was so so so tired from not really getting any rest the last few days. Of course, my first thoughts are about BB and I can only feel a little squirm here and there.

I decide to make pancakes. And of course I eat the first one off the griddle before the others are even done.

Oh My Goodness! The food could not have been in my bloodstream for 2 minutes before BB was having a roller coaster ride in my uterus. I ate two more pancakes and had some OJ and this kid has not stopped!

As I write this, all is back to normal. I have something jabbing me repeatedly in my right rib, probably a foot, and something gnawing at my lower left hip.

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