Saturday, October 18, 2008

The weekend is here...

Work went well this week. I had a really nice crew and all 3 hotels we overnighted at had incredible beds. I love nice beds. :) I didn't take my laptop with me, which is why I have been AWOL, but it was nice not having that extra weight to carry around and not having to take it out at security every day.

I did have a woman ask me what it was like to fly while pregnant. I swear, some people are so dumb. I told her it feels exactly like it felt before I was pregnant. I mean, seriously, what's it supposed to feel like? The books tell me the baby is the size of a large naval orange this week. My belly is defintely growing, but how it looks really depends on what I am wearing.

Tonight, Lewis and I are going to the college football game between ACU and WT. ACU is where we met and graduated college from. WT is the the local university here where we live. They are both in the same conference and ACU is ranked #3 and WT is ranked #7, so it should be a really great game. We are meeting some friends fo some tailgating beforehand, but it's been so long since I have been to a live football game, that I'm just excited about the electricity that will be in the air.

There are all sorts of great sports on TV tonight, but we're going to miss them. Like the UT andMissouri game. And Game 6 of the ALCS. But oh well, we're gonna have our own good time here.

Also, my FIL was admitted to the hospital yesterday. He fell a few days ago and has a cracked rib. But what made him go to the hospital is because he now has double pneumonia. We visited him this morning and he is looking much better. He expects to be home on Monday or Tuesday.

Lewis and I may be going out of town next weekend. Our plans are still iffy.

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Elasha said...

Yes. That's me. I'm so glad you found me. I think the FROGS were ahead of me. I was a PYRO. Anyway, I am finding that more people agree with me about that song than I thought. I am so glad that the world does recongize grammar mistakes when they see it!!! ;)

Congrats on your baby. I always felt that ours was a boy, so maybe yours is too!!!

BTW, I am super jealous that you got to go to the game last night. My husband and I watched it online...kinda. WT has a really cool graphic thingie that helps you keep up with the game...but nothing like being there! I bet it was awesome.

Also, I love you baby widget. I already have 2 on my blog, but I'm thinking I'm gonna steal that idea and make me one like that too!!!

Great to hear from you!