Saturday, October 11, 2008

Impromptu 5K

April drove through town yesterday on the way to Dallas from Seattle. She is starting her last clinical and then she will be done with school!

We went to dinner at our usual Mexican restaurant, El Tejevan, and then met some friends at The Big Texan, for The Big Boo. I was not too scary, but there was a point where I screamed because some creature caught me by surprise. Pregnant women were warned to not enter. Whatever, it's not like it's a roller coaster.

We were invited to participate in a 5K fun run/walk this morning, and we thought, "Why not?". Well, that was after I asked, "Do I get a t-shirt?". And yes, we did!

So early this morning, we made our way to St. Mary's school and got ready to do our thing. I had no plans of running, I just wanted to do a fast walk. But I got bored right before mile 2 and jogged the rest of the way. April actually ran the whole thing and got 26th overall, and 9th as far as the women's division. Lewis walked alongside a friend and they talked the whole time.

We came back home and I made my favorite chicken tortilla soup and we watched the Texas vs OU football game.

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Tiffany said...

mmmm...chicken tortilla soup. is your recipe for that on the food blog?