Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cracking myself up X 2

This week has flown by.

HA! I just realized I made a joke. I've been on an airplane every day this week (and will be every day for the next week, too), so I guess it's a LITERAL "flown by". Dang, I crack myself up. :)

Anyways, on Monday, Lewis and I flew to DAL to go to the Southwest Spirit Party. I was so glad he managed to get off work to go with me. I also managed to snag some tickets for my sister and out friends, Spencer and Todd, to go with us. A huge thanks to our TWU 556 Union Prez and VP for helping me out!

I would love to post pictures from the party, but we forgot our camera. We posed for other people's pictures, but I have yet to receive copies of them. One of the organizers said they were expecting 10,000 guests. Holy Cow. There were tons of food, tons of beer, and tons of people. Both Lewis and I had early (as in get up at 4am) flights, and he went back to AMA to work and I went to MDW. Gotta make the donuts while I can. :)

I have 6 more days of work to get through until I can go home. But one of my overnights is in AMA, so at least I get paid to be at home one day and I can also vote! Here's my shameless plug:

GO MCCAIN!!! God help all of us if Obama gets elected.

BTW, my blog, my opinion. :::sticks tongue out:::

Two other worthy things that happened this week: Joint Pain and Twilight.

I think the pressurization in the cabin, coupled with the baby-making hormones, make my joints hurt like hades. It lasts about 24-36 hours, and then moves to a different joint. The other night I could not even unbutton my shirt, my hands ached so much. It hurt to lift the can of soda on the plane. I had to ask for help putting my bag in the overhead bin. My wrists could not take any weight on my hands. The pain started about when I found out I was pregnant. And the great thing is, it doesn't discriminate amongst joints...knees, elbows, shoulders, feet, wrists,'s plays fair and lets all of them join in on the fun! It comes and goes and I never know when it's going to show up.

As for Twilight... OMG. I cannot believe I haven't read this series until now. I am devouring (HA! There's me cracking myself up again! I wrote "devour" appropriate!) the first book, and HAD TO buy the second one instead of waiting a week to see if the library had it.

In other news, I officially have a baby belly. No longer can I tell myself "it's just bloat." Nope. The "bump" is still there in the morning. 3 more weeks and I will be halfway done with this pregnancy.

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mamakrystal said...

Yipee, Go MCCAIN!!!!!!!

Sorry to hear about your joint pain aches, doesn't sound like fun especially if you're 40,000+ in the air!!!!!! Happy Halloween sweetie, and I can't wait for Tuesday's results!!!!!