Sunday, November 02, 2008


I got a lot done in San Diego today.

There is a very very very nice mall near the hotel we stay at so I went over there this morning to run some errands. I wish I had a frillion kazillion dollars to spend becuase they have some VERY nice upscale stores. Stores that Amarillo will never have. :( Plus, it's an outside plaza-type mall and the day was so beautiful.

My first stop was the Mont Blanc store so they could look at Lewis' pen. I gave my husband a Mont Blanc pen as his wedding present and I am happy to report he has not lost it! He uses it every day and I know he really likes it. But the cap was getting loose so I took it in to see what they could do about it. Thankfully, it was something easy. They replaced the casing inside the cap and it is now as good as new!

I also went into one of the maternity stores there and FORCED myself to look at only the clearance items. This store has such awesome clothing, that I think if I could afford it at regular prices, I would wear it even if I was NOT pregnant! I did come away with two incredible clearance bargains, and I also hit the Old Navy there since it had a maternity section.

I am so grateful my job allows me the ability to fly all other the nation. It makes shopping a bit easier because if you know Amarillo, you know the options are EXTREMELY limited. I get to be in Portland on Wednesday and I can't wait to hit Nordstrom's Rack. I can always find great clothes at great deals for Lewis. AND THE STATE OF OREGON HAS NO SALES TAX. Woo Hoo!

Even before I was pregnant, I was not a big shopper. I hate trying things on. I'm not too keen on spending money on clothes. I like nice things, but I don't like parting with my moolah. I just think about what I "could have done with it" instead. Plus, since I wear a uniform at work, my wardrobe really only consists of casual comfy things and some nicer stuff for church. So attempting to buy clothes that will fit a growing belly, coupled with the fact that I will be wearing them for a limited time, makes it really hard to swallow the expense. I have tried to make it a bit less painful by buying consignment clothing and on-sale clothing, but it still irks me. Add to that the fact that I think it all makes me look fat, and it gets downright depressing.


mamakrystal said...

when are you leaving here in SD? tonight I bet huh? Let me know what your plans are tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

The mall in San Diego is my favorite as well. The name is Horton Plaza - it is absolutely beautiful at Christmas time.
Save the maturnity clothes - I have a feeling you might need them a few times :-)