Monday, March 31, 2008

Not Wedding Related...except for one tiny thing!

In non-wedding related news:

I am at work for 6 days and it started out with a bang!

I left Amarillo this morning at 7am. When I got to Dallas, the flight I planned on taking to Chicago was full and someone else had beaten me to the jumpseat. So on the recommendation of a Customer Service Agent, I decided to go to Kansas City and catch a flight to Chicago from there.

Once I got to Kansas City, ALL the flights that would get me to Chicago in time for work were full. So full that I could not even buy a ticket, which I would have gladly forked over $140.

So I called Crew Scheduling and told them I was not going to make my report time and what did they want me to do.

I automatically had to eat 2 1/2 demerit points (OUCH!) and lose the money on the flights I was not going to work. The scheduler told me to take a flight BACK to Dallas and once there, try to get on a flight to Little Rock to catch up with my trip there.

So I go to Dallas. When I get to the gate for the Little Rock flight, I am told it is FULL, in an oversell situation (they sold more tickets than there are seats), and there is already a jumpseater. Surprise, surprise!

So I call scheduling AGAIN and explain the situation. They tell me they will make me a "must ride" so I can get on. But wait! The have already pushed the plane back from the jetway! No way am I getting on it.

So they decide to just let me hang out until my trip comes through Dallas. That's not until 7pm. Ugh. I should have just stayed in Amarillo and flown up later.

Now there is severe weather and who knows when my flight will get here. And when it does, I am supposed to work to San Antonio and then El Paso. I was originally supposed to have a 17 hour layover in San Antonio, but they added an extra leg to El Paso and my overnight is now 12 hours. Fun.

(I just have to include something "wedding-y")
I got my custom made veil on Saturday. It is bee-u-tee-ful!!!!

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