Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2 weeks and counting!

16 days left! And I am so ready!

There is nothing "big" left to do. It is all just little things. Like glueing blue rhinestones to the bottoms of my wedding shoes in an "E + L" format. I'm putting a heart on the other shoe. It will be my "something blue".

My "something new" will be my dress, my veil, my shoes, my corset...heck, I think everything I will be wearing will be new except for my underwear and I still have no idea what I am doing for that!

I don't have a "something borrowed" or a "something old". I originallywas going to borrow a petticoat, but it was too long and I didn't want to alter something that wasn't mine. I had talked to Lewis' mom about incorporating part of her veil, but we didn't. My mom no longer had her dress or veil so that wasn't an option. Any ideas?

Lewis and I will be getting out marriage license this Friday. I don't know why I am excited about that, but I am!

I am so glad I did not go to work this week! I have gotten tons of little details taken care of that would have been stressing me out on the road.

For example, the lady that is making my veil is all of a sudden in "go" mode. So I had to go by her house on Tuesday night. I've talked to her about 3 times and will pick up my veil on Friday. I am so excited about that, too! If I had been flying, it would have to be postponed because I needed to visually approve what she was doing.

Lewis called me Tuesday afternoon to tell me the suit rental place had misplaced our "paid in full" order. I got the pleasure of sorting that one out. It wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be.

Then the florist called to tell me that the contract was ready to sign and do a final look over.

And the online company I ordered my napkins from toally dropped the ball on my order and I had to make several phone call to get it straightened out. In the end, I told them I would refuse the shipment. I ordered 2 weeks ago and they barely shipped today when their website says 1-2 days shipping. Plus, they ignored several of my calls over a 3 day period.

I a also doing some DIY projects, and have been gathering the supplies. April and I will be pulling a "Martha Stewart" and making all kinds of cutesy things in the next few days!

We also got our engagement collage back from Davy Knapp. It looks awesome! I said, I am glad I didn't fly out. I am flying out on Monday the 30th and probably not coming back until April 10th, so I'm glad I am getting all these little things taken care of, because I don't think I would be able to do them all when I got back!

I have received RSVP's for the Celebration from some out of town friends who I didn't know if they would come or not. Some from San Antonio and one from Maryland! I am so stoked they will be there. I hope everyone who can make it, will come. It will mean so much to me and Lewis. He has several friends coming in from out of town and it's really a testament to how close they are!

My brain seems to be constantly in wedding mode. I even dream about it. Probably because the last thing I think about when I fall asleep is wedding related. Which song do I play? What about this flower instead of that one? Maybe candles would look goes on and on and on! What hobby am I going to find to replace wedding planning?! ;)

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