Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Unknown Runner

I ran the 5k race on Saturday the 29th. I did okay. I was 114 out of 419 and my time was 23:30. But if you look at the online results, you will not see my name in the #114 spot. Instead, it says UNKNOWN RUNNER.

Want to know why? Well, it's because the incompetant, good for nothing, really doesn't care about customer service people at Gold's Gym entered me in the NON-COMPETITIVE race after I specifically marked that I wanted the COMPETITIVE race on my entry form. So Lewis and I had to re-register me before the race, thus, all my digital/electronic information was not transferred to my new bib and so now I am known as UNKNOWN RUNNER.

Lewis had a softball tournament the rest of the day. He works at a hospital and they put together a hospital wide tournament every year. And every year it is windy as heck. Lewis hit a sweet homerun in the last game. I think they ended up getting third place overall.

I worked six days last week, all for time and half. I didn't work much in August and September, so it's nice to get back on track with a normal schedule and good paychecks to follow.

I am headed to Portland (PDX) tonight. I have been giving all my trips away in Chicago so I can spare myself the long commute and instead only commute to DAL or HOU. But I really needed a PDX overnight and I could not find a PM trip with a PDX overnight in DAL or HOU. So here I find myself commuting to Chicago just so I can get to PDX. There is an AWESOME store called Nordstrom Rack right near the hotel. I'm going shopping tomorrow. Lewis is getting some new clothes. :)

In other news, my brother is happier than I can remember him ever being. I'm pretty sure it's because of a girl. (heehee) He's known her since Kindergarten. I've seen pictures and he's absolutely glowing. They look so happy. He's turning 30 in a couple of weeks. I hope his 30th year is as great as mine was.

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