Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Busy busy busy

Lewis and I have been really busy. We went to Anson for Father's Day. We had a great time doing NOTHING. It was a good break since it seems we are always go-go-go in Amarillo.

This past weekend, we went to go see TEXAS with some friends. It is a musical based on early Texas history, set in Palo Duro Canyon. We went to a dinner catered by The Big Texan before hand, and it was pretty good. A nice steak, fruit, salad, potatoes, peach cobbler, lemonade, tea...you know me, if it involves food, I'm pretty much going to like it.

We went to do feeders in Saturday and ended up staying for lunch out at the ranch with the High's. The burgers were VERY rare. I had two small margaritas while we were out there and boy, did they kick my butt! I took a nap on the way home and then took another when we finally got home. Our plan was to the Pirates 3 that night, but that was nixed. We rented Pan's Labrynith. It's in Spanish, but has English subtitles. Very different movie, not at all what I expected. We did end up seeing Pirates 3, but not until Sunday evening. It was long, but pretty good. But then again, it had Orlando Bloom in it, so how can it be bad? ;) Saturday was also our one year dating anniversary. I can't believe the year has blown by so quickly. It's been a great year, though!

I'm currently in DAL as I post this. I reported for work at 1530. I'm still here. The weather has wreaked havoc on our operations. So I was supposed to end up in RNO, then they changed it to LAS, and now they have us going to PHX.

I work through Thursday and have Friday off. Then I am starting 6 days in a row. I gotta get the time and a half in while I can because I know I won't be working much in August. Lewis and I are going to Colorado camping and flyfishing with his parents and some of his parents friends. We are also scheduled to go to South Padre Island towards the end of August. We went last year and had a GREAT time. So I gotta make hay while the sun shines, so it'll be work work work for me in July. Not to mention we have the annual family reunion the 14th of July in Anson.

Whoo, it's already shaping up to be a BUSY summer. There is sooo much I want to do, and it seems not enough time to do it all. It seems like during the winter things are so much slower.

We are still working on the condo. It's a lot of work, but I like the fact that Lewis and I are doing it together. I'm learning a lot in the process, like differences in paint, what paint goes where, how to texture, what tools one needs, priming, prepping, etc. I figure we'll be working on it into August.

I'm going to go see the status of my flight. Have a good week!


april said...

its about time you posted another blog! this years trip to SPI will be much better.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you!!! Miss ya.