Thursday, June 14, 2007

Update and a weirdo on the plane

Lewis' birthday was on the 12th. He got a way cool gift from me, my parents, and his parents. It will come in handy for the condo renovation.

Speaking of condo renovation, it is coming along bee-u-tee-fully! We textured last week and it already looks so much better. Texturing is waaaay easier than I thought it would be. We still have a ways to go, but it's fun doing this project with Lewis. I'm learning a whole bunch, too.

We are going to Anson this weekend for Father's Day. April and Ricky will be there, too.

When Lewis doesn't have me slaving away at the condo (haha), I've been flying. On one trip a couple of weeks ago, I kept getting free food. A passenger gave me a Reese's peanut butter cup, a provisioner gave me what was probably the yummiest pork rib I have ever eaten, and some pilots gave me some cherries. And today, I resisted to urge to eat at Qdoba in the SEA airport. I LOVE Qdoba. When I lived in STL, I ate there at least twice a week.

Today, I jokingly made an announcement that one of my crew members was "single and looking" and all one needed to do was submit a resume, financial records, and a photo of his family, along with a phone number as they exited the airplane. One guy obviously did not get the joke because he came to the back and started asking if we were serious. We both told him we were in very happy relationships. After he returned to his seat, he rang his call button. Lynn, the girl I was flying with and the one I made the joke about, asked me to answer it because she didn't want to talk to him. So I answered the call button and he handed me his business card and said "just in case things don't work out with your current boyfriend". I told him I was very happy with my relationship so then he said to pass along the card to Lynn. Apparently the guy will take what he can get. Which, by his desperate actions, is nothing.


So I told Lynn and she jokingly said she didn't want to be sloppy seconds. A few minutes later the guy comes to the back galley AGAIN and asks for his card back. I guess he thought we'd use his email for a porn site or something. Then he just stands there and stares at us. I looked to see if the seatbelt sign was on, and it was, so I told him he needed to go back to his seat.

Weird creepy guy. That's what I get for trying to be funny.

Isn't my job glamourous?

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Very Creepy.