Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom

I'd like to tell you a little bit about my mom. Her name is Aida. She's like Marlon Brando in The Godfather. Everyone in my extended family knows this. Even her students get the idea. She takes such good care of her family. As I get older, I see and appreciate more of what my mom did for me and my brothers and sisters.

I remember always having the opportunity to do cheerleading or sports stuff and never wondering where the money was going to come from. I realize now, my mom didn't have it either, but she made it happen.

I remember coming home from college with friends and she'd cook for all of us, even it was 2 in the morning.

I remember my mom going to find Denisha Jackson because Denisha had pushed me off my bike.

I remember my mom being at the third corner of the track yelling, "Breathe, mija, breathe!". I think she missed less than a handful of my races my whole career.

I remember my mom listening to me cry on the phone about all that was troubling me, and never once did she say, "I told you so.".

I remember my mom putting hot rollers in my hair before church on Sunday mornings.

I remember my mom rubbing Mentholatum on my back when I was stopped up. She also rubbed my legs endlessly when they felt all prickly. She would also sing "Manzanita De Oro".

I remember my mom sending me money and letters when I had just moved to Missouri. I needed both equally.

I remember my mom telling me that if you let too many boys "touch" you, your skin would take on the look of a paper bag that had been handled too may times.

I remember my mom making me wear this awful navy jumper for my kindergarten class picture. I hated that outfit. But looking at the picture now, it's really cute.

I remember my mom during the time my dad hurt his arm and was in the hospital. I don't remember seeing her cry in front of me and my siblings.

I remember my mom at our vacations at South Padre Island. She always had the best meals cooking in the crockpot when we'd come up from the beach.

I remember my mom always waiting up for us when we'd come in late. She'd stay up reading the paper or watching TV. She couldn't go to bed until she knew we were safe at home.

I remember my mom saying, "Ojos!" when an "adult" scene was on a movie or TV show. It means "eyes" and Ricky and I knew we had to cover them up until she said it was safe to watch again.

I remember my mom gave me some empty Joy dishwashing soap bottles for our play kitchen in kindergarten. But she left a little bit in them so we'd have some real stuff. Mrs. Jay didn't like that.

I remember my mom telling me to always pay the whole balance when I got my first credit card.

I remember my mom packing us "American" food when we'd go visit my granparents in Mexico.

I remember my mom pinching me and Ricky in church and daring us to "keep on doing what we were doing".

I remember being able to call my mom whenever I had questions about cooking. Karol does it, too.

I remember when I begged my mother for my Dallas Cowboys tennis shoes and she relented and bought them. But then the kids at school made fun of me for wearing boys shoes. Mom still made me wear them.

I remember lots of things about my mom. There's no way this short list does any justice to the memories I have of her. I'm so lucky I am still able to make more.

She always says "I love you" before she hangs up the phone.

Mom, Happy Mother's Day, and I love you, too.


april said...

oh man; you have no idea how many times i laughed out loud reading this...too funny!

Anonymous said...

Awww, you are truly blessed!!


april said...

come on...update already