Saturday, January 20, 2007

I was out in the elements with my hair in braids

It's snowing here in Amarillo. There is probably around 4-6 inches on the ground so far. I have been wearing some clothing that I normally wear when I go skiing and it make me want to go to the slopes. But I don't think I'm going to do that this year. But in the meantime, I can look cute in my skull cap and braids.

Lewis and I went to the ranch yesterday morning to do several errands. We started early to beat the snow and thank goodness we did. Normally, we do the feeders with the feed in the bed of the truck and then stop at each individual feeder. The roads were so muddy we had to do them in the Mule. Which means there is nothing to block the wind. It was fah-ree-zing! It took about 40 minutes.

There was a pig in the trap that was frozen to death. Lewis drug it out and then we lifted into the Mule and dropped it off by a caliche pit so the animals could eat it. The pig was gross. It was black, and hairy, and had ugly tusks. It was fricking heavy, too. No chicharrones for me, thank you.

After we did the feeders, we had to hook up a trailer to Lewis' truck to bring back the Mule and a 4 wheeler. Lewis backed up while I directed him and it only took 2 tries to get it even. But then as Lewis drove the Mule on the trailer he forgot to lock it and the trailer flew up and went forward and put a dent in his license plate. Getting it evened up again was not as easy as the first time. It was freezing, starting to sleet, and I was cold and hungry. Bless Lewis for having the patience with me that he did. I don't have much, actually not any, experience in directing a hitch to a trailer. We finally got the trailer reattached and Lewis loaded it up while I warmed up in the truck.

We drove back to Amarillo, dropped off the trailer, and then Lewis noticed his oil light was on and the pressure gauge was at zero. So he checked the oil, added some, and we drove like a half mile. The gauge fell to zero again even though it was full of oil. So as to not risk ruining the engine, he pulled over and we called a tow truck. It took about 45 minutes for one to show up. And when it did, it couldn't help us because you can't pull Lewis's 4WD truck with a stinger. So we had to wait for another truck. That took about 20 more minutes and it was getting colder by the minute. Plus, I had to pee and was starving. Finally, another truck showed up, took us to the repair shop, Lewis' dad pciked us up, and we could go back to his house. Thank goodness all this happened AFTER we dropped the trailer off. And thank goodness my car is here or else we'd be confined to the house.

It was quite the eventful day. I wish I had a camera to capture it all...a picture of the pig to post on here would be so cool, as would a picture of me in my braids!

SIDE NOTE: My mom hated us girls wearing braids when we were little. She said we looked like the little Indian girls in Mexico. I guess she was halfway right, but I bet the little Indian girls never wore a skull cap with them!


lilbmw745 said...

Wow, and I thought salting my driveway was a pain in the butt!! Poor you!!

Elisa said...

Salting your driveway IS a pain in the butt! Lewis and I have both seen it and it's long and steep! But I thought you had a heater under the cement?