Monday, January 29, 2007

Is that a refridgerator you're carrying?

I am so stoked about the food bag I am taking to work tomorrow.

Yes, I am excited about food I will be carrying across the country in a hardsided insulated cooler. I am so cool. ;)

I have three food bags. A small one, a medium one, and one I call Goliath. I'm taking Goliath tomorrow. I have THAT much food.

To begin with, all my "main entrees" will be homemade. No sodium packed frozen dinners for me this time. I usually take one or two because they are easy. Secondly, they are all healthy for the most part. I made them, so I know exactly what went in them. And lastly, I KNOW I will eat them...and the other flight attendants will be insanely jealous because they will want some...and some asinine passenger will ask, "Why do you get to eat that and we only get peanuts?". Because I packed it, honey...and I have to deal with making sure it stays cold and doesn't give me salmonella or E Coli or botulism or all three.

That's the part I hate most: keeping it cold. I hate hate hate getting in late to my hotel room knowing I need ice to keep it cold overnight and all I want to do is fall asleep. Usually, I take a trashcan, fill it with ice, and submerge my stuff in it.

But the pros of taking my food with me to work totally outweigh the cons. I save boo hoos of moolah. I eat on MY schedule. And I eat pretty much healthy stuff. I practically salivate when I see my co-workers getting a double quarter pounder with cheese and fries, or a huge slice of greasy pizza, but then I think of what I USED to look like when I ate that all the time, and then I'm like, "Eh, my own food is just as good and better for me, too." And then in the morning, I work out and feel so much better.

Not to say I don't indulge every so often. There are some airports where you JUST HAVE TO get something. Like SAN...they have yummy fish tacos. Or MDW...I always get a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with hot peppers on my morning commute. Or SMF...they have a tasty chile lime salad, made with romaine, thank you very much. ABQ has some delish cranberry bread that tastes awesome with coffee.

I could probably name a food item for every airport, but it gets expensive after a while.

We had tacos for dinner tonight. I think they were the best tacos I have ever made.


CHEZ BEZ said...

The better the airport food, the longer the hotel shuttle guy has to wait for the crew. ;)

Happy (and healthy) eating!

lilbmw745 said...

Ironically, I'm sitting here eating my homemade salad. Good for me, taste good, fulfilling. I just wish my body would behave and let me eat a bag of chips to go with it :-) I'm very very proud of you!!!!!