Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Santa came and now he's gone

It seems like the days up until Christmas could not come fast enough. Now, the days are flying by as my "go back to work" date gets closer.

Lewis and I spent a very nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at his parents. I almost broke a sweat wrapping his HUGE gift. You'll understand in a minute when I tell you what it was.

Christmas morning we got to his parents a little after 8 am. His brother and his family were already there. We sat down to breakfast that Nancy had made. It consisted of a breakfast casserole, some fruit, some pastries, some yummy blueberry maple sausage, some ham stuff on biscuits, hot cocoa, coffee, and juice. It was all good, as usual.

After breakfast, we went into the living room to open gifts. Basically, a couple of people separate the gifts into piles by who they belong to, and then everyone opens them simultaneously. Lewis' brother had to help me carry Lewis' gift into the room because it was so heavy. Lewis' parents and I had gone in together to get him a Craftsman Tool Cart and a Craftsman Tool Box to stack on top of it. He LOVED it.

Lewis got me some sweaters I had wanted and some pearl jewlery. I told him I felt like Jackie O. ;) Some of the more memorable gifts included a dove decoy and a Baby Alive doll that actually poops. How fun would that be?!?! Lewis and I gave his parents a firewood holder that Lewis and my dad made the weekend we went to Anson. It was beautiful, of course, because it was made with love. ;)

Then his brother and family left for her family's Christmas lunch and we just chilled. We took naps, read books, watched TV, talked....blah blah blah. I ate so much frickin' sugar. I can't remember the last time I ingested so much sweet stuff.

Later that evening, his brother and his family came back and we had Christmas Dinner. Nancy made beef tenderloin, mashed potates, a spinach and artichoke casserole, veggies, rolls, and there was TONS of stuff for dessert. WOO HOO MORE SUGAR!

Overall, it was a nice and relaxing holiday made even better by being with Lewis.

I talked to April today. She said it was Christmas as normal in Anson. I asked what she got. She said nothing. I told her it was because she spent it at the Franco house. hee hee

Really, though, it's not like we never get gifts. My mom's philosophy is why does she need a specific date to give us something? She buys us stuff all the time if it reminds her of us, or she thinks we need it, or just because. She just never got into the huge commercial hoopla that Christmas has become. I'm like her in some ways. I can't imagine buying someone a Christmas gift in May and holding on to it until December. It almost kills me to not be able to give it to them. So usually, I do. There doesn't have to be a specific occasion for me to give a gift. That's too much pressure.

Lewis and I are going to STL this weekend to drive the rest of my stuff and put it into storage. There's not enough room for it in Chicago, and I'd just have to end up moving it again anyway, so it's just easier to put it in Amarillo. The loads look pretty full for flying up there and then there is supposed to be a storm when we drive back. 12 hours, ugh, I just did it about a month ago.

But it looks like 2006 will end up being one of the best years I can remember. I can't wait to see what 2007 brings.

Stay warm and be safe!


april said...

chris and i had gotten a doll that poops for lewis, but i guess since he already has got one, i will have to find something else.

april said...

before you point out my error i will fix it myself; i meant to say that since lewis already received one, i will have to buy him something else

me said...

update already...youre not even working

lilbmw745 said...

Do ya all feel the sisterly luv here :-)